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Viglianco Hoops provides coaching and skill development for boys and girls from the middle school level to college level ranks. If you are serious about basketball you found the place.

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“I have no doubt that Tom’s communication skills, knowledge of basketball, and experience playing at the highest levels, qualify him to teach the game to young aspiring players who want to improve their skills on the basketball court.”

-Mitch Cole, Assistant Basketball Coach, Texas A&M


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Looking for group lessons or training for your entire team?

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Professional Coaching

Thomas Viglianco played professional across the world.


No need to travel long distances to receive the coaching your child or team wants.

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One person or your entire team, Thomas Viglianco has experience and proven plans for coaching to get the most out of an athlete.


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Flexible scheduling available for different seasons.

When does basketball season start?

What is a scholarship? It’s when a college team/institution is paying YOU money to play the game of basketball at their respective school! If you think GETTING a scholarship is easy, you have another thing coming. Over the last several years in the United States one...
I’m A Gamer

I’m A Gamer

My father would always tell me in my youth, “Son, you know you can’t get a basketball scholarship by playing a video game”, and he was right. How many kids need to put serious work in on their basketball game? How many kids take class/grades lightly and end up missing...
Is Spring/Summer Basketball Important?

Is Spring/Summer Basketball Important?

It seems like yesterday I was walking into a gym at the Nike Peach Jam in Georgia or Boo Williams showcase in Virginia. Stepping on to the court with the likes of Amar’e Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler, J.J. Redick, or Kwame Brown was a regular for me from my...

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