I am writing this particular post and for the rest of time on Vigliancohoops strictly on basketball and sports. I could write for days on social issues, politics and worldly issues, but this is a blog for sports. I’ll occasionally stray off the path but not into controversial social/political subjects.

I’m sitting here after my own personal workout and can’t help but think of all the wasted talent I have seen throughout my basketball life and especially as of late. I’m not going to be the “old man” sitting on his rocking chair talking about how hard life was when I was a kid. I’m just trying to find the reason for boys and girls to not work hard or coast through their basketball life in 2013.

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Having the privilege of playing professional basketball for the past 7 years of my life I have come across all different types of players in all different states and countries. It’s glaring to me that most young basketball players these days would rather hang out, play video games, put in minimal work, or be a social media junky. I hear from kids all the time that they want to be an all state high school player, college player and eventual professional! I truly believe the majority of kids just love the thought of that basketball career path and think it will happen because they deserve it or it’s going to be easy. That mentality couldn’t be farther from the truth and it’s causing the youth of America to fall short on and off the basketball court.

This all ties in to the idea of being different.

Being different in the way you approach the game on and off the basketball court is key. Getting quality sleep, eating right, drinking enough fluids, staying away from partying and sticking to a schedule is essential for off the court preparation. Putting in basketball work every day in some shape or form is essential for on court preparation. I hear all the time from kids that they didn’t have enough time or were too busy with life to do something that day for basketball. It’s all about being honest with yourself and being different. The reason you didn’t have time to work on your game was because you were on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets most of the day. Another reason might be sleeping until 1:00pm and missing your only free time in the morning. All these reasons for missed off/on the court basketball preparation is on you! Be different, set a plan and stick to it. Be different and tell friends no from time to time when peer pressure shows up. The first time saying no is always the hardest, but I promise once you do it everything becomes easier. Being different isn’t easy but once you break through and feel what it’s like you will start to see great progress and change for the better.

I would like to further explore and dissect this issue because I could talk about it for hours. I always find a face to face talk about these issues is the best. With VigliancoHoops training I would love to talk more about these types of issues with your son or daughter. I hope this first blog post wet the appetite for more great things to come.