Reflection and Change


The first week of the 2020-2021 basketball season is in the books for all high school players in Nebraska
and around the United States. I have been able to attend several games in the first week of action and I
have many thoughts on how YOU can change YOUR season for the better! I know everyone wants to win
their games, play well and represent their school/families to the best of their abilities. I want to ask

Are you truly working hard enough?

Is your anger for not playing enough minutes warranted?

Are you in shape to even play valuable minutes?

Are you in shape to play when it matters most in the 3rd and 4th quarters of a game?

Do you really LOVE basketball & want it to better your life, OR are you just saying it to make yourself

feel good?

Do you TRULY realize HOW HARD IT IS to get a scholarship?

Are you staying after it in the classroom just as much as on the court?

I ask these questions above because I think the majority of players DON’T GET IT and just WISH/HOPE
that basketball will be their out in life. I hate to break it to players, but wishing/hoping/saying words will
NOT get you to the next level.

The amount of sacrifice on and off the basketball court just to have a chance at a college scholarship is
enormous. Players need to stop listening to the noise of people that have never experienced that life.
The whole concept of “ If aunt Karen says I’m good and will get a scholarship, I know I will” needs to
stop. Aunt Karen works as a banker and never played basketball outside of JV in high school. How on
earth will she TRULY know what it takes or how good you are? It’s time for players to listen to reason.
The amount of people you should trust for sound advice in basketball should be VERY SMALL because
having your best interest and telling you the TRUTH are two VERY different things…

AUNT KAREN– You are the best and I know you will get a college scholarship. Just keep working on that
jump shot and you will 110% be a Division 1 player. I just know it and all the other parents see it as well!

TRUTHFUL PERSON– You are good, but if you ever want to play college basketball you are going to have
to change 5-10 things in your game. You need to get in the gym 15 more hours a week. You need to lose
10-15 pounds to get quicker and lighter on your feet. You need to commit yourself to the classroom or
your grades will be the 1st thing that keeps you out of a scholarship. You are out of shape and that is a
YOU problem. College coaches are picking your game apart trying to find reasons NOT to give you a
scholarship so you better have your strengths on the court HIGH and your weaknesses not easily

As the 2020-2021 is finally getting underway I want all players to take a step back and reflect on the first
few games of the season.  I want players to take some time away from the phone, xbox and television
for a few minutes and see if their preseason goals are falling in line to be met or a new strategy is
needed ASAP for the season. Basketball as in life is all about adjustments. The players that can adjust
their workouts, schedules, and mindset are on the right path. I truly hope the season has started off well
for you but if it hasn’t here are a few thoughts to ponder on…..

ARE YOU EATING RIGHT? Fuel your body with a good breakfast (eggs, oatmeal, fruit) lunch and dinner as
much as possible. Eating chips, cookies, fast food or nothing WILL catch up to you eventually if it already

ARE YOU IN BASKETBALL SHAPE? I can’t believe I’m even writing that BUT it’s a HUGE problem. Most
players that say they want to play college basketball are in good to terrible basketball shape. Stop lying
to yourself and put in extra sprints. Run hard throughout practice and stop taking shortcuts!

ARE YOU TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITIES? If you are open shoot the ball. If you have a lane to
drive, DRIVE it looking to score and finish with contact!

STOP BEING SCARED OF MAKING MISTAKES!!! The only way you learn in basketball and in life is by
making mistakes or failure on some type of level.

STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Get in shape! Don’t blame other players that aren’t as good as you because you
don’t want the blame.

TIME AND SCORE! If you are down by 15 points and you are the best player on your team it’s OK to take
over the game and help your team have a fighting chance. I hate seeing players that have put in 10x
more work than any other player defer to teammates when they don’t deserve the ball. I know that’s
harsh to say but it’s TRUE. If you TRULY want to make your team better, chase your college dreams and

Yes, don’t be afraid of success! It’s sad that in 2014 the majority of people want to be normal or not step
on toes! If you want to be the best you have to be different! Don’t be afraid of being something special!